About Us

Glam Me Out Boutique started in 2019 by Angelica a small town Mexican girl from Woodburn, Oregon. 

Angelica always loved fashion and knew she would combine her love for fashion and business in one. When she was in high school she started working and would spend the little  money she made buying clothes.  

She knew what it was like not to have the means to buy expensive clothing but she created her style with what she had. 

 She comes from a family of 5 sisters so she knew her parents could only provide what was necessary. 

She moved to Miami at 18 years old for bigger and better opportunities. She always dreamed of owning her own clothing store but was always scared of putting herself out there. 

Growing up she was very shy but clothes and fashion was always her way of expressing herself. She finally decided to take the plunge after she had her son, she wanted to show him that his mommy went for what she was passionate about. 

On her free time she would spend hours scrolling  through pages of women clothing, this was her therapy.  She wants to share her style with other girls in hope that they too feel  beautiful and confident like she did.